Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy National Poetry Month!

Okay, so I'm starting a new Season of the Show, but leaving up last Season's failed attempt at blog-as-educational-tool... just in case someone finds it useful.

As you may or may not know, April is national poetry month (happens to be my birthday month, too --so it's smiles all around). With this month comes the 30 day/30 poem challenge. And here we are, April 1st. April Fool's Day.

My first poem of the month comes from an in-class exercise I did with my students this morning. They seemed to like it (though I think it's ridiculous) so I'm posting it here as my first poem of the month. Enjoy! (or not - hah!)

[The exercise was to write a love poem using scientific language we came up with during class & wrote on the board.]


Light my Bunsen burner, baby
and I will show you a galaxy
beyond your wildest dreams of fusion

The viscosity between us is undeniable
as red stars explode in celebration
of our molecular binding

The teslas of our love can withstand
the collision of planets, the pull of other hearts
together, we are a supernova

We are the quarks within the atom
the fire within the spark
the constellation in the night sky

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