Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poem #13

"Ode to Advil"

Tiny brown pills, coated with candy:
how you fit into my cupped palm--
the miracles that lie within!

How you come in other forms
      liquigels / PM / cold & sinus / allergy sinus / migraine
The relief possibilities are endless!

You possess the power
to crush menstrual cramps
to chokehold toothaches
to suffocate any ache: muscle, bone, head
but above all, you wipe away
the remnants of excessive drinking
leaving a cloud to rest upon

If only you could remedy
that mother’s grating voice
pleasantly scolding a child
Impatience stuffed down
into the tiny coin pocket of her jeans
Please, dear Advil, cast her out
into the sun and expose her
for the fraud she is:
she is no Supermom.

Oh, candy of my eye!
Small tabs of delight!

I toss you in
to the back of my throat
gulp down some water
to chase you down
relish in knowing
you will

1 comment:

  1. this made me lol! Very awesome ode to an everyday object, I too feel like serenading tylenol on occasion haha! But I do like the turn in the poem when you bring the mom in...and the "Impatience stuffed down / into the tiny coin pocket of her jeans" and definitely the, "Please, dear Advil, cast her out" reminded me of an exorcism lol!
    loved it - great job!