Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Notable quotes from Junot Diaz at Montclair State University

The following quotes were taken during the Q&A portion of the event, so the topics were inevitably dictated by the audience members posing their "questions" (sometimes they were actual questions, other times they were orations based in and on self).


On compassion:
"How many of us tell a 4-year-old:'you're a moron'? Compassion begins with the self --stop kicking yourself and be kind."

On art:
"Art is a fundamental human vocation. We try to summon beauty."
"In art, you are who you really are. It gives you a space to be human."
"Art asks you to be in contact with your true self."

On success:
"The most successful people are those who tolerate failure the best."
"You're awesome because you fail a lot."

On the college experience, beyond a classroom education:
"Lower your guard. Accept that you can look stupid or be wrong in order for transformation [of self] to happen."
"We, the educators, the professors, want you to be transformed --that's the point of college."

On violence:
"The best way to fuck something up forever is with an act of violence."
"Violence lasts forever."

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